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is to provide mentorship to youth, educational support, motivation, and inspire them
in their journey to adulthood.


is to be a catalyst that will positively impact change with youth and give them the essential tools needed to live above their current circumstances and the environmental impact of poverty barriers.

Education Program

Education is a vital component to improve your personal life. Research has indicated that environmental factors can affect youth’s education, such as households whose parents have not completed a high school diploma, living in low-income neighborhoods, and social behaviors. During the Covid-19 pandemic, children all over the world experience being out of school for remote learning. Reports have indicated that many children fell below grade level during the pandemic and worsen the barriers to quality education for low-income children Our program is designed to assist with reading and math to improve grade levels and support those ages 8-16 years old. We shall have our tutoring programs virtually until it is safe to have youth together for afterschool programs during the pandemic. We shall provide the following but
not limited to:
Reading Comprehension and Fluency: We shall assist with word recognition and comprehension. We will show how to make a connection between what individuals are reading and their knowledge. Our team will help and encourage them to read text accurately, quickly with an expression to be fluent.
Math: Our team shall assist with mathematics skills to increase grade levels. We shall focus on the teacher’s homework and help with the assignments to build their critical thinking. We shall provide demonstrations of problems and identify how to solve them with analytical thinking. We shall encourage individuals to practice daily to develop their mental discipline and rigor.
Music & Arts: We shall provide art and music for those who want to explore cultural activities and expression. We shall have workshops for music and art classes that express the artsy side of adolescents. Our goal is to build self-confidence in their craft, a part of therapy and expression that allows them to be creative.

Self-Esteem Program

A youth’s self-esteem can impact their physical and mental health dramatically. It reflects on the individual’s self-worth and self-respect that leads into adulthood if it is not treated. Statistics have indicated that nearly 20% of youth experience depression before they reach adulthood. The statistics also revealed that 75% of girls with low self-esteem have engaged in destructive behaviors, and 38% of boys have used protein supplements. In comparison, 6% admitted to steroid use to improve their physical appearance. In addition, the data has shown that a youth commits suicide every 100 minutes. Chance For A Brighter Future understands that youth can go through cycles of emotional unbalance and behaviors that can cause internal and external self-esteem issues. Our program is designed to address the problems, provide affirmation, and create self-confidence to enhance their lives. We shall provide the following but not limited to the following:
– Self-Confidence: We shall focus on the importance of having a balanced life, improving communication, and believing in yourself. The youth will participate in team-building skills to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Our team will encourage the individuals to focus on their strengths and ways to make their weaknesses a strength.
– Self-Worth: Our team will have group discussions with the youth on issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and family dynamics that impact their self-worth. We shall process and provide anticipatory guidance on how to handle conflict without aggression. We shall discuss the importance of self-love and ways to have self-love first before they can love others.
Affirmation: Affirmation is an engaging way to improve self-esteem. We shall teach ways to strengthen self-esteem through affirmational quotes, biblical scriptures, and journaling. Our team will provide positive affirmations for each person to repeat them to themselves daily to build their self-confidence. We shall have workshops and team-building skills.

Life Skills

Life Skills are essential to an individual’s personal growth and educational learning. Life Skills are defined as a group of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help individuals make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically, and creatively, communicate effectively, and build healthy relationships.  Our program focuses on seven core life skills that are essential to youth development. These skills are fundamental in a child’s life through adulthood because it allows them to master specific skills needed in their daily lives. We shall provide the following but not limited to:
Self-Awareness: We shall assist the youth in being conscious about their feelings, motives, and character. Our team will have workshops to focus on Understanding Yourself Better  The workshop will demonstrate how our personality and personal feelings can affect how we behave, how we respond, and how they can negatively impact our lives.
Empathy: We shall teach how to recognize emotions in others and how to be sensitive to their situation without prejudging the circumstances. We shall discuss times they did not have anyone to empathize with their condition and how it impacted their emotions.
Critical Thinking: Our team will work with youth on their homework assignments and conflict resolution on critical thinking skills. We will explore ways to assist in observation, analyze information, and evaluate the evidence before responding.
Decision Making & Problem Solving: Our team will provide scenarios to help with problem-solving and practical decision-making skills. Our team-building activities include scavenger hunts, math skills, and modeling how to handle a crisis without becoming verbally and physically aggressive. In addition, we will discuss self-regulation and open-mindedness.
Effective Communication: Communication is vital in building trust, decision-making, and improving productivity. We shall teach how to communicate to others to meet their needs effectively and how communication will affect employment and other areas in their life.
Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal Skills are called people skills. These skills are used daily to interact with others face-to-face. We shall role-play how having interpersonal skills can have a negative and positive impact on relationships with others. In addition, we will discuss how taking responsibility, having accountability, leadership skills, and motivation are related to interpersonal skills.
– Domestic Cleaning: Our team will teach youth domestic chores to ensure these skills are mastered before adulthood. We will introduce the importance of having a clean home, washing clothes, and cooking meals to help their parent or legal guardian.
– Budgeting: We will educate you on how to create a budget based on your income. We will discuss how to grocery shop on a monthly budget and still have funding to put into a savings account. We will discuss the best savings accounts that will provide a higher interest on the deposits. We will also discuss the importance of your FICO Score and how to build your score by paying off old debt.

Holiday Events

Chance For A Brighter Future understands that other family members or friends are raising some
children, so we created Holiday Events to give back to those families to help raise the children.
In addition, our organization will provide activities and special events to appreciate the guardians
and the children that are experiencing a traumatic event. We shall provide the following but not
limited to:
Birthday Celebrations: Our organization shall provide a birthday celebration to children who have lost their parents and need cheering up to keep a positive attitude about life.
Thanksgiving Dinner: Chance for A Brighter Future shall host a Thanksgiving dinner for children and families that have experienced hardship due to the pandemic and other tragic events.
Christmas Wishland: Chance For A Brighter Future will provide a wish list for children that have lost a parent or are from low-economic communities. We will have the children write a wish list during Christmas, and our organization shall host a Christmas Wishland event that will provide activities, food, and gifts to the children. In addition, we shall have special guests and speakers to come out to support our youth.


Chance For A Brighter Future shall advocate locally, state, and national levels for human rights, equality, and children’s right. We will unite with other nonprofit organizations to assist in getting legislators to pass Bills.


Touching every child's life around the globe.


Learning more about our enviroment and skills to help protect it.

Education Program

Educating children about supporting nature


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